Terms & Condition :
1. The user should carefully read the description of the product, pricing, delivery charges, shipping declaration and destination information before placing the order.
2. The images displayed on the site are indicative in nature. Actual product may vary in appearance, shape or design as per the availability.
3. The user should carefully read the Cancellation Policy before placing the order. 4. User should read Refund Policy.
5. User should carefully read Delivery Policy.
6. The user agrees to give the correct information which is true and authentic. We reserve the right to confirm the information provided by the user.
7. We will not be held liable for any credit card fraud that occurs on its website. Users have to use only their card when they make their payments. The liability of using a fraudulent credit card lies on the user and the responsibility to establish otherwise shall exclusively be the users’.
8. In case of any complaint against the quality of product we shall redeliver the product subject to satisfaction of recipient. But all such claim should be raised within 12 Hours of delivery. Refund can also be made depending on nature of complaint.
9. Prices of items which are subject to MRP restrictions are being sold on the website after adding up costs of our services, delivery and online transactions cost.
10. Flower arrangements shown here are indicative. The actual arrangement may varies considering the availability of flowers and other reasons.
11. If ordered flowers/ cake are not available, then we shall communicate with you regarding the available stock considering our substitution policy.
12. The owners of the site retains the right to refuse any order unconditionally.
13. All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of local Pune Court only in India.
14. Baker’s Basket may at any time modify the terms and conditions contained on the Site without any prior notification.
15. The User should be eligible to Place the order online.